Heads Up- this post is more directed to Joel and Luke. Guys (joel and Luke), I am very sorry if some of these questions seem kinda scarry, meaning a random girl asking you questions.

Hello! My name is Anna. My family will tell you that I am your number one fan. I talk about you all the time. I went to the WFIL concert at PBU and am hoping to be able to travel to another one.

I actually have some questions for you that I am hoping you will not mind answering-
What is the "story" behind "Missing" and "Love's to Blame"? What about "People Change"? I have head the story behind "Light It Up" many times, but what about some of your less mentioned songs? Are they based on real life experiences or just truths from God's Word?

I saw a behind the scenes video for "People Change" music video on Youtube, but was unable to see the actual finished music video? Is there an actual music video or was that for something else? I have purchased the concert video of "Busted Heart" from Itunes... Do you have any others somewhere? Are you planning to make more music videos? By the way- I LOVE your interview with Eli Cruz (I think that is his last name)!!!!! I love the way you (Luke) were cracking up in it!!! Since it was not a profession, I felt like I got to know you more through it.

Do you guys have any idea when the next album will be ready? I have memorized all the lines of "Crave" and can't wait for the next one.

Do you (Joel and Luke) work full time working with your band, meaning is that you only job? From your concert scheldule, I am guessing it must be, but I didn't know.

I love to see how you guys (joel and Luke) seem to love eachother so much as brothers, and how much your love for Rebecca showed at your concert. I know I love my siblings so much, but it seem unfortunately to be a rarity these days.

Also, I do not go on facebook much (usually one every two or three weeks), but I would definately go on more to get to know you guys more. I don't know much about facebook, but is there a way to subscribe to your posts so I can see all of them?

I would love any other random facts

I know that I LOVE and LIVE for Jesus and it is wonderful to see you love and how you live for Him, too!!!!! I know I have more questions, but I will ask you them some other time. I attach just one of many many pictures from your concert, I will post more later.

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Hey Anna. There is a way to subscribe to their posts. This website might help. I don't have Facebook but I looked it up online.

If anyone knows the answer to any of these questions, I would LOVE for you to let me know.

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