New Christmas Song - "Baby Boy"

The new for KING & COUNTRY Christmas tune is now on iTunes and is also featured as part of the A Very Special Christmas compilation project, which is available on
iTunes or at Walmart.

CLICK HERE to download on iTunes.

CLICK HERE to download A Very Special Christmas

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Hello, I love the "Baby Boy" song, it's not like other Christmas songs you hear... in a good way. At my church we are having a Christmas Cantata, and I was wanting to sing this song. Unfortunately there is no list of chords, or instrumental version of the song, and I was wondering if you guys would release either one or the other. If not that's fine, but this song spoke tons to me, and I know it will speak to the members of my church as well. So if you could let me know if you guys are going to do either of those things, that would be great!
God Bless,
~Brandon Scott

This came out on my birthday......that is very, very special :) <3

I absolutely love this song!!!!!! This is going to be the song of this Christmas for me. I really like how this song isn't your traditional Christmas song but it is still beautiful and amazing. The style of Baby Boy is definitely a different spin on their music and I hope for King & Country will continue to expand on the sound in future songs :) I will still be singing this song long after Christmas ends. I can't wait for Christmas or hear this song live; see you guys next month!!!!! I think I am going to go listen to Baby Boy again...And everyone else should too. I know they won't regret it :)

Great new Christmas song guys! My daughter and I were blessed to meet you this summer and can't wait to have the opportunity to see you live again. Keep up the great work. How about an entire Christmas album? I'm in!

I like this song a lot it will definitely be played during Christmas

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